My name is Germán Santero Moreno,

but also, you can call me Oretnas.

I’m an illustrator and designer based in Madrid, Spain.


I finished my graphic design studies in mid-2012. I worked as a fellow for a company called “Gráficas Contreras” in Madrid. Where I did many editorial works for entities such as Atlético de Madrid, Cocacola, Renault among others less known. The practices were not eternal, so I had to find opportunities wherever I went. From 2014 until today I have done several graphic works in different disciplines of the graphic arts.


Other things about Oretnas

The origin of “oretnas” is curious, I needed a pseudonym to sign in an exhibition on drawing comic in Móstoles (my place of birth) and as a joke I wrote my last name upside down (santero), and the truth is that it was not bad . So since then I use it.

In 2010, together with a group of enthusiasts, we founded the Tetsuo association. Which tried, during the time that we could and they left us, to foment the culture of the comic and to give workshops of drawing.