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Face Sketch Color

About this work… This project has no name, although it could be said to be a color test for a character’s skin. It’s a test. Este proyecto no tiene nombre, aunque podría decirse que es una prueba de color para la piel de un personaje. Es una prueba.

Project Be Responsive!

About this work… This work is my project for the web design course: Be Responsive! I hope you like it. I will leave you then a series of captures of the pages in full screen of the PC version; apart from some functions of instances and the definition of adaptable design of the template with …

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Ladgerda portrait

About this work… Here I show you the project I have done for the course in Domestika called “Picture Illustrated with Photoshop” by Oscar Giménez. In this work, I have tried to portray the character of the Vikings series called “Ladgerda” played by Katheryn Winnick. Next, I’ll show you some of the references I’ve used …

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The Thunder Hammer

About this work… This work I did for a course of domestika on digital illustration. The main idea was to work a character, a typography and a simple background. In my case it was hammers and thunder. Este trabajo lo realicé para un curso de domestika sobre ilustracion digital. La idea principal era trabajar un …

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Sarah ClockWork

About this work… This work is a set of sketches for the design of a character I made in 2013 for a video game demo. The character was called Sarah, his role was the protagonist. His aesthetics should be: young, Victorian clothing and realistic, but with manga or anime touches. Este trabajo es un conjunto …

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Characters to App 50s

About this work… This work was a collaboration I made with several studies (especially with Tienza Design) in 2014. In principle, I made the preliminary design for the characters that were to appear in an application. These characters were divided into two groups: on the one hand, Nixon and Khrushchev; and on the other hand, …

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XX Premio San Viator

About this work… I made the poster announcing the 20h prize of the sciences and humanities awarded by the San Viator school in Madrid. in addition, if you want to know more about it, visit this link. (In order to, in this way, be able to read the chronicle of the event in Spanish). Realicé …

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